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Newark, NJ, September 28 – Very few successful companies start out big. Almost all start small and with success, grow.

To have started with almost nothing and become a giant deserves recognition and the J.C. Newman Cigar Company is recognizing its heritage with as limited an edition as there is.

Their special 110th Anniversary Humidor will be released later this fall, bringing together the company’s heritage with its high-profile success of today.

The humidors – specially made by Reed & Barton, makers of the company’s high-end Diamond Crown humidor line – will offer a special selection of 40 cigars in the first shape ever made by J.C. Newman when he started back in 1895, making cigars for sale by the family’s grocer!

At the time, the perfecto was the dominant shape and J.C.’s first cigars were 5 1/4 inches long and had a ring gauge of 54 at the center. “We are recreating the same shape cigar that Grandpa J.C. made 110 years ago – pointed ends and a bulge in the middle – into our popular brands of today,” noted Eric Newman, president of the J.C. Newman Cigar Company.

That shape will appear again, encased in specially-designed glass tubes which are also shaped to closely encase each cigar. These tubes open in the middle instead of at one end and have a brass closure band!

The humidors will offer 40 cigars in total, all in the same size, with ten of each from the best-loved blends of today’s J.C. Newman Cigar Company, all made at the Tabacalera A. Fuente in the Dominican Republic:

• Cuesta-Rey CentroFino Sungrown;

• Diamond Crown;

• Diamond Crown Maximus, and

• La Unica Cameroon Series.

The humidors will showcase each brand in a separate drawer and a mere 250 humidors will be produced. That’s just 10,000 cigars in total.

The price per box will be in the $1,000-1,200 range and details on availability will be announced later. Better ask your smokeshop about one now.

Watch this!
While several thousand cigar hounds will be barking at tonight’s Cigar Mania at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey, a very small and special event will be taking place on the Upper East Side of New York.

The endlessly inventive Victoria McKee of General Cigar has created a unique pairing event with the Swiss luxury watch maker Blancpain.

It matches different watches in the Blancpain line, in ascending order of complexity, with specific General Cigar brands and single-malt Scotches!

In the beginning, the lucky 30 attendees will see a demonstration of the elegant but understated Villeret line of Blancpain, paired with the “least complicated” of the General Cigar blends, Macanudo.

The process moves forward through eight stages, pairing increasingly complex watches with increasingly complex cigars, finally arriving at the pinnacle of Blancpain’s engineering efforts, the Le Brassus series, paired with General’s new Bolivar, the most powerful of all of the company’s lines.

After an arduous look at some of the finest watches – and cigars – in the world, attendees will retire to Club Macanudo a few blocks away for refreshments and instead of a cigar roller, a watch maker will be in attendance to show another view of a “hand made.”

Partagas Signature Series 150s for a good cause:
The week-long auction of a box of 10 incredibly rare Partagas 150 Signature Series Don Ramons (7 inches by 52 ring in individual slide-top cedar coffins) for Hurricane Katrina relief ended last week on The box was donated by General Cigar and was one of only 1,000 made in 1995.

Bidding started at $1,000 with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross. There were nine bids in all with the winning bid, from Denver, Pennsylvania) at $1,286.00 (that’s $128.60 a stick!).

Congratulations to all who bid for a very good cause!
~ Rich Perelman

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