Los Angeles, October 7, 2010 – One of the exciting aspects of the IPCPR convention and trade show is to see new cigar makers and their new blends on display, and be able to try them, looking for a "diamond in the rough." One of these cigars is Reinado, created by Antonio Lam; here's our review:

[Nicaragua: available in 3 sizes]

cgr pix-reinado band 150x250 What's the deal on Reinado? Antonio Lam's blend uses all-Nicaraguan-grown, all-Cuban seed leaves, aged via a proprietary fermentation process to enhance the flavor. That's what the press release says.

When you light up a Reinado, you'll find it to be medium-to-full in body, with a spicy aroma and a note of sweetness right off the top. It's quite an interesting cigar: although the flavor is somewhat muted, with modest sweet, spicy and peppery notes, there is a lot of power in this blend. It can be heady and if you pull too hard, quite overpowering.

However, it does not punish the smoker, but offers an unusual balance - not between sweetness and spice - but between a more neutral, smooth taste and a muscular, powerful blend of ligero tobaccos.

The construction is excellent, with an even burn and clean draw. The aroma becomes more peppery in the second half, although the taste remains smooth and easy.

Smokers who enjoy power in their cigars should try Reinado; it is a different view of what power and complexity are in a cigar. For those who concentrate more on flavor, Reinado may be close to, or in, your danger zone.

All three sizes - Churchill, Robusto and Torpedo - are offered in boxes of 20, reasonably priced at $7.95 to $9.95 each, not including local sales and tobacco taxes.

Overall grade: : Good.

Lam has authored a different kind of blend than many seen on the American market today. It is not an explosion of power in the mouth - and on the head - but seems to emphasize power at the expense of taste. Our preference is clearly for taste, but those look for a buzz ought to check them out!
~ Rich Perelman


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