cgr pix-schwarzenegger, arnold 124x113Los Angeles, December 22, 2010 – /updated/ One of the icons of Arnold Schwarzenegger's tenure as California Governor has been his outdoor smoking tent in the courtyard adjacent to the Governor's offices in Sacramento. Schwarzenegger told reporters that he will be taking the tent with him as he leaves office; his successor, Democrat Jerry Brown will be sworn in on Monday, January 3.

But before it goes, the Sacramento Bee provided a panoramic look at the tent, apparently just after a meeting had ended.

The tent's amenities included bowls of peanuts - a Schwarzenegger favorite - plus unlabeled water and, of course, a humidor and lots of cigars. The picture shows an H. Upmann-branded ceramic-and-glass ashtray and some well-smoked cigars, including what appears to be a Cuban-made Cohiba. Wonder where that came from?

Here's a look at the tent in 2009, as carried by

cgr pix-schwarzenegger tent 200x304

The NBC affiliate in the San Francisco Bay area also posted this note about the tent and its furnishings, attached to a recent photo of Schwarzenegger meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron.
~ Rich Perelman


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