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  • Cuban specialty humidors for Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta almost ready!
  • New "Devil's Weed" cigar not as fierce as the name sounds, but is uniquely presented!
  • Cigars International offers the perfect cigar to watch the Belmont Stakes: Man O'War!
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ImagePlus: Are you ready to smoke the “Devil’s Weed”?

Los Angeles, May 22 – The actual details of the two high-profile, specialty items announced by Habanos, S.A. during February’s Festival del Habano have been confirmed:

  • The latest in the series of old humidor styles to be reproduced in an elegant, two-drawer box with a drop-down front door that salutes the Romeo y Julieta brand (pictured on the home page). This “antique” humidor also has a special size of cigar produced just for it: a rare Cuban perfecto.

    The shape is dubbed a “Romeo” and measures 6 3/8 inches long by 52 ring gauge. According to Habanos, this shape was made into the 1970s, then discontinued, but included in the Commemorative Humidor offered in 2000. It’s offered now in this humidor with 50 cigars per box, in two drawer-style trays of 25 each. The actual size is a little longer than announced in February.

    The humidor itself is made of mahogany with Spanish Cedar inside and all were made by the Cuban artisan Ernesto Aguilera, who was also responsible for the Partagas (2006) and H. Upmann (2007) “antique” humidors made during the last two years.

    As planned, only 250 of these boxes (12,500 cigars) will be produced and sold exclusively at Casa del Habano shops worldwide. With more than 130 shops in the Casas network worldwide, most will only get one or two.

  • The eighth Coleccion Habanos humidor, shaped like a book, also contains a special size, this time for Cohiba. Following on the runaway popularity of the fat Sublimes shape (6 3/8 x 54) introduced as an Edicion Limitada in 2004, the “Sublimes Extra” – 7 1/4 inches by 54 ring – is offered for the first time in this special edition box. Each “libro”-style box includes 20 of these cigars, but the announced production total of 700 has been increased to 1,000 (20,000 cigars total). It will also be a Casa del Habano exclusive.

    Over the past several years, the Cubans have standardized their brand announcements, concentrating them into the Festival del Habano and usually including one or two new shapes in existing lines, the details of the Edicion Limitada and Edicion Regional lines to be available during the coming year, and one or two specialty items such as the Coleccion Habanos, an old-style humidor and, in past years, a Coleccion Reserva box of extra-aged cigars.

    Are you ready for the “Devil’s Weed”?
    A new cigar brand which takes its name from the Spanish Inquisition has debuted in Florida.

    “Devil’s Weed” is what some Spanish inquisitors called tobacco when Christopher Columbus returned with it from his first voyage to the New World. Nevertheless, it soon conquered Spain just as it had a hold on the natives met by Columbus’ lieutenant, Rodrigo de Jerez, on October 28, 1492.

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