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Oh happy day! Today the EP Carrillo 2011 Short Run has arrived at Corona Cigar Co. No need to say I have been smoking myself silly on these. This is yet another release from Ernesto that is proving that he is one of the best cigar makers producing today.

The EP Carrillo Short Run 2011 is a full bodied smoke with a medium strength. It starts out very full in strength but mellows to medium as it is smoked. The full bodied flavors last throughout. The blend is Nicaraguan Dominican tobaccos with an Ecuadorian wrapper. Flavors of dry spice, rich wood and coffee abound with a subtle sweetness I love in full bodied cigars. The sweetness just seems to be a perfect counterpart to the spice.

The EP Carrillo Short Run 2011 is a limited production run, so I would recommend you get yours today . . . before I have free reign to really start smoking. Call Corona Cigar Co. at 1-888-702-4427 for availability.

So I was walking around the store today looking for something to smoke, and I stumbled upon some A. Fuente Añejo cigars. I can honestly say this is one of the greatest cigars of all time. Story has it that back in 1998 Hurricane Georges tore through the Caribbean resulting in a shortage of OpusX tobacco in 2000. Instead of halting production, Carlito Fuente commissioned the use of an aged Connecticut broadleaf; thus the Añejo cigar is born.

Here’s the breakdown-

Wrapper: 5-year-aged Connecticut Broadleaf aged in a cognac barrel

Binder: Dominican tobacco from Chateau de la Fuente

Filler: Dominican tobacco from Chateau de la Fuente

The Fuente Añejo cigar is a medium to full bodied experience that will keep you craving more. With its cinnamon spice quality and thick enveloping smoke, the Fuente Añejo is a wonderful cigar that is at the very least smoking at least one. We have limited availability on these at so don’t hesitate and give us a call to try one today.

With the recent delays in the Liga Privada T52 shipments I have been out of and craving a Liga Privada T52. Our most recent shipment of Liga's was a batch of the No. 9's and I have been smoking these in the absence of the T52's. Now I love the No. 9 as well, but the T52 is my favorite. This led me to ask some of my co-workers and customers which Liga they liked the best. I didn't keep a record of the answers so this is far from scientific. What I did learn is that which Liga you like the best can tell you a lot about the type of cigar you prefer.

I categorize the Liga Privada No. 9 as earthy and the Liga Privada T52 as spicy. Whichever of these two you like better, that is the overall cigar note that you prefer. I know there are a lot of other notes in cigars, but if you want to figure out if you like earthy better than spicy, smoke a Liga No. 9 and a Liga T52 and you will have your answer. For the most part my un-scientific poll had the cigars neck and neck. My vote for the T52 put it in the winning category. Stalk cut wrapper can't be beat.

Illusione is becoming one of the most sought after cigars in the industry. Always receiving high marks, ranked in Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 of 2010, Illusione is on the cutting edge of the cigar industry. Enter Dion’s next concept: 1 size, 1 blend and different concept every year limited edition cigar. The first limited edition in the lineup is the Singulare Phantom, a Nicaraguan Puro. It is only available in a 6 x 50 size and uses a secret blend of Nicaraguan tobacco hailing from an undisclosed location.

The cigar is beautifully finished; the wrapper is silky smooth and shows it was expertly rolled by one of Nicaragua’s finest. With a cut and a light, the Singulare Phantom coats the palate with a slight spice and sweet cedar. These flavors evolve into a prominent spice with a slight cinnamon quality. From start to finish, the Illusione Singulare Phantom is one of the smoothest, medium bodied, full flavored cigars available. If the availability wasn’t limited this cigar could easily place highly on Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 cigars for 2011.

Get your Illusione Singulare Phantom's at

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