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Corona Cigar Co. received an Illusione shipment last week chock full of MKULTRA's and new Illusione maduros as well as my favorite Illusione cigar, the MJ12. The ULTRA is fantastic and I can't wait for the other sizes that will be released. However, I have been smoking a lot of the MJ12 because it is just so good.

MJ12 references Majestic 12 which conspiracy theorists say are a group of individuals in the government formed to investigate and cover up the Roswell space ship crash in 1947. The cigar is wrapped in foil to replicate a spaceship hull and shows what a great sense of humor Dion has.

The cigar itself is amazing. Medium to full bodied with overtones of coffee and leather. There is an undertone of cream that mixes nicely with the coffee flavors, it reminds me of a latte, a perfect mixture of strong espresso and cream. The MJ12 is a fantastic cigar not to be missed. Call 1-888-70-CIGAR for availability.
I promised in an earlier blog of the Domus Magnus to report on the Fonseca 120th Anniversary. This cigar commemorates the rich history of the Quesada family and their contribution to the production and art form of the cigar. The cigar blend was created to honor the family's Cuban heritage and has Cuban seed tobacco grown in Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The wrapper is a special sun grown Habano Vuelta Ariba that gives the cigar and intense but balanced kick.

I am highly impressed with the The Fonseca 120th Anniversary. It is an outstanding cigar and a perfect tribute to the years of cigar craftsmanship. The cigar is medium to full bodied, leathery, nutty and spicy. As an anniversary cigar, it could have easily been given a $10 plus price tag but instead runs in the $7 to $8 range making it available to more smokers and not just the big spenders. I love that, because I have been smoking a lot of these.

I highly recommend the Fonseca 120th Anniversary Rarissimus. <---Click here to buy.
The advertisement for Fausto shows an amplifier dial going past the normal 10 to 11. My first thought when seeing this ad was the opening scene of Back to the Future when Michael J. Fox blows out the amplifier by cranking it up all the way. The Fausto blew me away just as the amp did to Michael J.
I was highly anticipating the Fausto as I heard it was the T110 blend. I never got a chance to smoke a T110, but what I can say is the Fausto is probably the best cigar Pete has produced to date. And I loved, LOVED, the OR 2003 Cojonu so that is saying a lot. It is a very strong cigar but never sacrifices strength for flavor. Full bodied and very spicy on the retro-hale, the Fausto's predominate flavors are coffee and cedar with a subtle sweetness and undertones of dark chocolate.
A brief summation of the Fausto: Pure Awesomeness. Buy yours today at CoronaCigar.
IPCPR is over and with its end comes many wonderful beginnings as new cigars start to roll into the shop. Today was an amazing day for me as two new cigars hit Corona Cigar Co. shelves. Both cigars were from Quesada, best known as the creator of Fonseca. They have been releasing cigars under the family name, starting with the Quesada 35th, and these cigars were fantastic.

The two new releases we received today were the Fonseca Rarissimus CXX Anniversary and the Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada. I promise there will be a blog on the Rarissimus, done by either Cigar Alex or me, but in this blog I wanted to highlight my newest favorite cigar, the Casa Magna Domus Magnus.

It comes in two sizes; the Optimus, a 5 1/2 x 52, and the Primus, a 6 1/2 x 55. My first thought was, "Who is the Transformer fan in the Quesada family?" I like to think Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, is probably a cigar smoker, but I can't say for sure. I will say this cigar will definately transform your cigar smoking experience. (Sorry for the bad pun.)

The Domus Magnus is different from any cigar I have smoked before. It has loads of rich coffee and nuts. It is full bodied and sweet, but just the right amount of sweetness and is one of the more savory cigars I have smoked in a long time. They blended the Domus Magnus around a Sun Grown Jalapa wrapper. This is a must try cigar and unfortunately, like so many cigars I like, it is limited, so that means get as many as you can before they disappear.

Call 1-888-70-CIGAR for availability.

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